Banshee playlist problem

Hi All!
I’ve a problem with the Banshee’s playlist, after that i import all my audio files from my music directory, when i try to play a song appears in the first collumn of the songs’ table a red “x” and is impossible to listen something.

A screen:](

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Are all these files mp3? This looks like a missing codec. Please run banshee from the terminal, then click on a file to play and see what error is written to the terminal. Also you might install the gstreamer packages from packman and see if it works (this is if the terminal output is something like ‘gstreamer missing codec’).

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@kastorff: sorry, i’ve mistaken the section.

hawake@RisingStar:~> banshee-1 --play-enqueued --enqueue
[Info  10:34:59.943] Running Banshee 1.0.0
/home/hawake/.themes/aero-clone/gtk-2.0/toolbar-custom.rc:21: Impossibile trovare il file di immagine in pixmap_path: "Toolbar/toolbar-black.png"
/home/hawake/.themes/aero-clone/gtk-2.0/toolbar-custom.rc:24: Background image options specified without filename
/home/hawake/.themes/aero-clone/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:187: Impossibile trovare il file di immagine in pixmap_path: "Arrows/arrow-up.png"
/home/hawake/.themes/aero-clone/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:191: Overlay image options specified without filename
[Warn  10:35:02.545] Impossibile connettersi a NetworkManager - Una disponibile, funzionante connessione di rete sarà presupposta.
[Info  10:35:03.788] All services are started 3,37381s
[Info  10:35:05.765] nereid Client Started
[Error 10:35:10.735] GStreamer resource error: NotFound
[Error 10:35:11.271] GStreamer resource error: NotFound
[Error 10:35:11.797] GStreamer resource error: NotFound
[Error 10:35:12.327] GStreamer resource error: NotFound
[Error 10:35:12.888] GStreamer resource error: NotFound

If i play a file from the “File System Queue” or with another software (like mplayer, aTunes, VLC …) it works!