banshee menu + playback glitch

Hi all,

Maybe theres a fix for this or another post about it. Couldn’t find any recent.

I use gnome with 11.3. Video playback on banshee stops consistently, unless I have
a dropdown menu in view. If not, the file will continue to play with sound and no video.

Kinda wierd if anyone has tips for this. Happens on all video types.


Banshee isn’t the most reliable for video playback.
Hav you updated all the gstreamer plugins on the Packman repo?
You want all the gstreamer fluendo plugins as well as mpeg-mux, mpeg-mdemux, as well as the ‘good, bad and ugly’ plugins.
Add to this the win32codecs.
When it asks for vendor change, click the radio button.


If whych’s recommendations don’t get you running, which they probably will not …

Banshee isn’t the most reliable for video playback.

… try gnome-mplayer (gnome) or smplayer (kde). Personally, I have consistantly had the best results for video playback with these.