Banshee Media Player Not Playing Songs Sitting Idle

Hello ,

I have recently installed Open Suse 11.1 on my Thinkpad R52. For some reason when I put an audio CD in my computer or trying to play MP3’s the media player does not work. It sits IDLE. Has anyone experienced this? Any help woudl be great.

You will need to install the gstreamer plugins (good, bad, ugly). This will give you support for most formats in Banshee. As for the CD, is it appearing in the Banshee sources?


Yes the CD does show up in the player and on the deskstop

I am not able to apply the pligins on yast I get the below error

" nothing provides needed by Gstream r-0_10-plugins-ugly-0.10.9-3.3.i586

Libsidplay1 is in the OSS repo. How did you install the plugins? Show the results of

zypper lr -d