Banshee copies podcasts to IPod but they don't show up on Ipod menu.

I’m using Banshee 1.8 on Opensuse 11.3. It recognizes my IPod nano 4th generation and is able to access and play the files on it. When I try to add a podcast to the Ipod from Banshee, it copies the files, synchronizes, shows the podcast on the Ipod, and can play it from the Ipod. On the IPod itself, when I highlight Podcasts on the main menu it shows the podcasts as present (“8 Podcasts” shows in the gray panel at the bottom of the Ipod’s screen), however, the Podcast menu itself is completely blank. So the Ipod knows the podcasts are there, but doesn’t populate the Podcast menu. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a Banshee problem?