Banshee and Gstreamer Problem Os 11.00


I have a problem with Banshee-1.4.1 playing AAC files. When I try to get Banshee to play an acc file I get a Resource not found error.

I have been through a process of correcting my MM install - can anyone advise?

MM Info:

rpm --query --all ‘libav*’ ‘libpostproc*’ ‘libswscale*’ ‘xine’ ‘gst’ MPlayer ‘vlc’ | grep -v avahi | sort

Thanks in advance

Hi guys - any chance of some assistance? Nothing that I can find seems to help.


Ok, having re-installed all codecs and multimedia related software, Banshee-1 still failed to play my AAC files.

Totem, and Mplayer played them.

The Banshee mailing list suggested proving that Rhythmbox could play them which after installing it could. However, no other suggestions were forth coming. Once again - on my own.

I fixed the problem by deleting all config files for Banshee:


Restarted Banshee and hey-presto! It works. Having got it to work its quite good. Next will be to check that the iPod syncing actually now works.