Banshee 2.9.0 OpenSuse 12.3 or 13.1 RC1


Would anybody be able to tell me how to install the new version of Banshee 2.9.9 on OpenSuse 12.3 and 13.1 RC1?

I have gone to this page:


Then clicked on the ‘Get It’ button which seems to take you to the a download page, but for older versions. I did trying the ‘Factory’’ 1-Click version but recieved a message when installation stated of ‘The install link or file you opened does not contain instructions for this version of openSUSE’

Many thanks

Use Download openSUSE 12.3, search for Banshee and you will be presented with the available versions. Mind, don’t install packages for other versions than the one you’re running.
On 13.1: wait a bit, the repos for it will be available after release (and build of the packages).

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it still only lists version 2.6. Even if I click other versions.


I checked, there’s simply no package for openSUSE (yet). Plus, I visited the banshee page, 2.9.0 is a development release. Hence, the only way to get it, is to compile it yourself.

EDIT: I gave it a try, couldn’t meet all the requirements. I don’t feel like adding GNOME UNSTABLE repos just to test. My 2 cents: wait until Banshee 2.9.0 is declared stable, it should be in the repos in no time after that.