Banshee 1.2 Multi-Artist Album Support

I have read on banshee site that version 1.2 has something called “Multi-Artist (Compilation) Album Support”

Banshee 1.2 has great support for albums by multiple artists. Your compilation albums, like soundtracks, will be sorted and grouped as you’d expect.

But it doesn’t work for me :expressionless: I still got separated artists from one soundtrack etc.
So… how’s that feature works?

Ya I’m not so sure that feature works for me either, but if you highlight all the “albums,” you want to be grouped, then all the songs will come up in the right pane. Simply select all (ctrl-a) songs and right click to edit the track info. At the bottom there is an option to “apply to common fields to all tracks,” or something like that…

Good Luck…

Thank you veru much!! :slight_smile: It’s just what I was looking for :smiley: