bandwidth management based on ip

I setup a server with vmware esxi 4. I installed opensuse 11.2 and I have successfully setup an internet gateway and I manually configured (static) my client IP. My question is, is there any software or commands that I could use to manage the bandwidth usage for each client? eg. only 5Mbps for, 10Mbps for, etc



iproute2, from repository openSUSE-OSS is said to be able to do this, though I have not tried it myself. I found an article on its usage that might help.

Traffic Shaping, Bandwidth Shaping, Packet Shaping with Linux tc htb

Let us know if this applies to what you are trying to do.

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I’ve read the script but I guess it only limit bandwidth for interfaces not each IP. thank you for the info anyway…


You can manage bandwidth by address, but it’s not an easy topic.

Terms to search for: wondershaper, lartc