Banana Pro No boot with SD card Tumbleweed-ARM-JeOS

In a “single board” Banana Pro I have installed an OpenSuse 13.1 version for a long time worked correctly, but now I wanted to update the version and for that I downloaded the corresponding image for Banana Pi JeOS.
After downloaded, I transfer it to the SD card by:
**xzcat [image] .raw.xz | dd bs = 4M of = / dev / sdX iflag = fullblock oflag = direct; sync
**(As indicated on the OpenSuse page)
The transfer is done, I can even see the files when I mount it on my desktop PC installation, but the Banana Pro does not “boot”.
I went down Bananian, Armbian and both if they manage to “bootear” without problems.
I will appreciate any help about what may be happening.

P.S. I downloaded it and transferred several times and always with the same result.
Sorry for very bad english

I don’t think there are many Banana users here, you might get a better response on the mailing list. Simply send an email to