Bamboo tablet under OpenSUSE 13.2

I just upgraded my system to 13.2 by doing a clean install. As part of the installation I included: libwacom-data,



On boot up the system tells me “no tablet found” and says if these files are installed I should file a report on Issue Tracker - but the link doesn’t seem to work. okay… that’s a different issue.

The problem is the Wacom tablet - which is not new and worked under 11.2 and 12.3, doesn’t work very well/reliably. The Wacom-60 and other configuration files that tell the system about Wacom tablets don’t seem to exist.

Tablet: Wacom CTH-661 Bamboo Fun
Desktop Kernel: 3.16.7-7.1

I installed kcm_tablet 2.0 from the openSUSE downloads site. The tablet is now recognized and working properly.