wow. most people dont have any idea the potential of computers and the internet rotfl!

we could have a way more generally organized, integratable system. i don’t even know anything about c+ or anything, the most basic things i know about changing the way computers work, is just where the directories lead.

i can change up a theme if i really tried, or add a different icon in stuff like limewire (or used to, i don’t even know now) but i know the way it could be presented that would insist on a smooth transition. mainly because everyone would already be connected to it.

think about it, if we connected all of the power plants in the world to one huge network, that would instantly give anyone with a wire the ability to connect to the WWW.

and think of the desktop changes! it would give us a whole new realm of shareablilty, and a better faster way to even direct connect to someone elses computer system, have full access to an instant real time snapshot of someone else’s computer, without using that person’s computer. it would in fact boost security, and form a much more basic structure.

and then graphics would be just like art hanging on our livingroom or bedroom walls. the main objective for the system would just be storage. that would make our main priority for the system would simply be to provide it with information to store/ give it specified goals of how to store the information.

and there you go, you have the world as a giant open source filing cabinet.

but its so much more fun than it sounds.:slight_smile:

Have you finished all your homework?

I think ow is the appropriate response.

ken yap wrote:
> I think -ow- is the appropriate response.

i think late saturday s/he got to the keyboard while still fortified
with a high levels of some sort of environmental awareness enhancer
an/or diffuser…and found his/her Columnist/Blogger Mode pegged at
WIDE OPEN and went to the Al Gore’s Digital Super-Highway seeking an

if real lucky this first time poster will have lost the site’s ID/Pass
credentials by the time sunday morning rolls around!


Water is better. It’s everywhere, it’s available in large quantities. Away with the cloud, we need WASTE: Water As STorage Environment :wink: