baloo_file_extractor using a lot of resources


I installed openSUSE LEAP 42.1 and ever since the the system feels very sluggish and I basically feel like I’ve been thrown back in time to when I had 128MB of RAM. This seems to be caused by baloo_file_extractor using up large amounts of RAM and CPU cycles. As long as my start menu and alt+f2 (KDE) menu find programs fast I don’t need anything more. I don’t need to look through files by content, is there any way to put the reigns on baloo so it’s not as much of a drain on system resources?
The system it’s running on only has 3GB of RAM (minus 256MB for the onboard graphics) and baloo is taxing it a bit too hard.

What you can do

Wait until it is done indexing.

reduce the directories it indexes

Turn it off