Baloo file extractor uses 100% and stalles system, manly firefox browsing is impossible.

Since yesterday (when i did the last upgrade via zypper dup) my system gets massively stalled by the baloo file extractor. I know about problems with baloo and i also witnessed those problems on some pcs, but my home pc was never affected. Now the baloo_file_extr application always uses one whole core and baloo does not react to: balooctl stop or balooclr suspend!

The only thing i can do is to kill -9 the process, but i like baloo, i do not want to disable it! I just want to find the reason why it so problematic currently!
It is especially annoying that my browser (firefox) is also stalled. This manly results in freezing browser tabs (no scrolling, to typing of texts like forums posts because the cursor does not react anymore, tab changing is possible but even loaded tabs are just gray and show a loading symbol in the middle). But maybe this is not directly related to baloo, because those browser freezes are related to a process called Web Content which also uses one whole core at the same time! Also also it seems that only firefox is affected by this, no other applications. But after killing baloo_file_extr those firefox freezed are slightly reduced, from every 40 seconds to every 5 minutes (but the time spans between those freezes get longer everytime).