Bad video after install

The computer is an older one which originally was shipped with Vista. Intel processor, 4gb Ram, on-board video card beleived to be NVidia.
Downloaded Opensuse 13.1 32 bit and burned to a bootable DVD. I used the disk utility on the OpenSuse DVD to remove all HD partitions (Single boot clean install)

Rebooted machine to the OpenSuse install disk with internet access through ethernet. Used all the default setup suggestions, KDE.
Install finished without any obvious errors or trouble. After the install completed, I remove the install DVD and reboot. The OS seems to come up normally, the booting icons appear in the middle of the screen followed by the green gecho on the branch.

Then the screen went blank. A small purple window appeared in the top left corner with the terminal:
Directory: /home/me
Thu Aug 08 22:36:57 EDT 2014
me@linux-ccny:"> ]

Hmm… Something obviously went wrong. Maybe my install disk burned wrong (etc) so I did a fresh download of 13.1 (32bit) on a different machine and burned another install DVD.

I again deleted all partitions for a fresh install. The default KDE install went perfectly, the Gecho appears on the leaf then the entire monitor turns into dashed broken lines like the video sync is way off. Since I can’t see the screen, the only way I know to to power off is hold the power button down until it shuts off (Ouch)

I am fairly new to linux and OpenSuse and not sure how to get to a “safe mode” equivelant or otherwise fix what I believe to be a video issue.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Video driver you need the NVIDIA video driver IF you actually have a NVIDIA card.

The point you stated is the point the video card comes in

So It does not normally help to reinstall stuff unless there is an obvious copy error.

Try to boot to the recovery boot it is in the advanced menu It will use more generic drivers. that should work but you won’t have a lot of video acceleration

Again assuming you actually have NVIDIA card (note if not this will not work!!!)

GO here and install the NVIIDA driver by one click

Note you will need to know exactly which card you have installed.