Bad media attach point:

Yesterday evening I had a huge download for updating. I forgot to use zypper dup because it took a very long time before all the repos were ready and at the time I was busy doing something else. Anyway, after about 1400 packages there was some message about write error so I chose “i” to ignore. Now when I reboot I get the terminal login screen instead of the usual graphical login.

The error message now reads:

Bad media attach point:

I would appreciate your suggestions to solve this problem. I hope I don’t have to re-install Tumbleweed. Current kernel is 4.5.0-3-default (KDE desktop).


Probably your root partition is full.

Try to delete some snapshots…

You are right, wolfi323. My root partition is almost full. Problem solved. Thank you.

On a related note, how do I clean out /var/tmp and /var/cache/zypp/ to rid the system of obsolete stuff so that it runs smoothly? I know Debian has “deborphan” and Fedora has “yum cleanall”.

You should be able to clean out “/var/cache/zypp” with

# zypper clean

If you have not already done that interrupted update, you might try that first. Most of what is in “/var/cache/zypp” are probably the updates that you successfully downloaded before you ran out of space. Another update should find them and use them if still applicable.