Bad Flash support in Opera 9.64

I installed Opera 10.00 beta to try the inline spell checking. It’s a really useful feature and the entire browser is looking more friendly now. I had a little problem with a flash game one Facebook and I installed the 9.64 version to see what’s happening there.
You can see on the screenshot: (on this picture the mouse pointer is on the menu option: Practice).
The game window is corrupted… I need to point to the 2nd menu option to highlight the 1st and half of the game window is in the advertisement.
This isn’t happening in Firefox.
I have no idea how to fix this issue, any suggestions are appreciated.
Thank you.

Another interesting thing, when I’m commenting to a post on FB the comment disappears - the page is reloading but without my comment.

Wouldn’t you be better off at the opera forums?
Are you running 32bit or 64bit? I’m running the beta flashplayer along with opera 10 beta2, no trouble what so ever.

There is problem with the 32 bit Opera on Linux Mint / Ubuntu, this is the reason why I posted here.

32bit, the Shockwave player plugin is: Shockwave Flash 10.0 r32.

Sorry to hear. Can’t help any further since I’ve got no 32bit systems anymore. Flashplayer used to be misery on 64bit all the time, but since the 64bit alpha’s it has been better than ever.

Did you give Opera 10 beta2 a try? As always the beta is already rock steady and superfast. Most of the time I test the beta in a testaccount with some unimportant mailaccounts, running it now in production too.

You’re probably still better of asking on the linux part of the opera forum. Or on the beta forum if you’ve got 10.0 installed again.
I’ve been running the betas with little or no flash problems.

What you could try is starting Opera with -noargb