bad date in %changelog:

I should say that I’m getting slowly tired of this “bad date in %changelog” fatal errors. Of course I don’t know the date, I don’t know the time … and to be honest, I don’t even care about or know the year. I can do my work any time, any day, even on february 29th, on my birthday, on Christmas eve, on labor day. So why is rpmlint so picky about the date … in %changelog?

Just thoughts … but nothing important.

On the other hand, that conky which either doesn’t build or would build (with tricks) but then crash under 12.2 (only) is “important”… and I really wish, Malcolm, you could tell me what to do to fix this problem, so that I would have one problem less after all. It can not be that complicated. :\

Yes you don’t need to know.

CLI: osc vc

Web: click into .changes, insert new changelog template

will do the dirty work for you, all you need to do is to keep your computer date/time right (sudo ntpdate

Can you share an OBS location which I could take a look into? I’m a packager (not conky), I’ll see what I can do.

Conky is really a good screenlet. but our users are all desktop end users or server users. there’re few desktop ninja like other distributions. without good configuration to use, conky is a disaster to your screen.

Hi @MargueriteSu,
Thanks for your reply. A packager’s help is what I could use here.
Not that it becomes a double post, but I already explained the problem here: conky 1.9.0 on 12.2 - can not package conky-devel OR crashes to segfault. You’ll find the OBS location in this post.

And my temporary workaround is to install the package from the 12.1 repo: see here Easy configuring conky with conkyconf - post #41

As I explained, I could build the package without conky-devel, but then it would segfault under 12.2 - however the two libraries are already included in the conky package. For 12.1 and 11.4, OBS didn’t complain about the “duplicate” files. If I exclude conky-devel, it won’t build under 12.2. Therefore, I don’t know what to do.

I dont’ know:

  • why conky crashes to segfault if the package conky-devel is not installed but the two libraries it contains are present (because already included in the conky package).
  • how to handle this conflict in OBS for 12.2.

Maybe being able to build conky-devel would solve the problem. It won’t explain why conky segfaults without conky-devel though. Thus, there might be another problem. Remember that the same build for 12.1 works perfectly under 12.1 and 12.2 as well (!).

Not with conkyconf (it’s in my repo). This whole thread is interesting: Easy configuring conky with conkyconf

BTW, are you aware that the patch you submitted a while ago for xless in my Fedora repo didn’t work? Did you test it? Well, it’s another problem.

Yes, I’m aware it’s not work. but the cause isn’t the one you ask initially.

Yes. I confused two unrelated problems, which is pretty common with hardware and software, since our brain often tends to focus on the first issue it notices.
Please read the explanation in this post: