Bad/choppy wayland performance on nouveau


Unfortunately, I have an NVIDIA GTX 1060 card. Recently I’ve tried Wayland on Nouveau, but on openSUSE I’m getting weird choppy performance. Here’s a video demonstrating the issue:

For comparison, here’s how X11 session behaves:

Under X11, the performance is similar between the proprietary nvidia and nouveau driver (meaning, it’s fast), so I’m guessing it’s not nouveau’s fault.

I’ve also prepared a LiveCD of other distro (Fedora), and on this LiveCD, the wayland/nouveau session is fast and without problems. Could anyone maybe point me to a direction/throw some ideas how can I troubleshoot the issue?

I just have Intel graphics. But I also find Wayland not yet ready for regular use. That’s with KDE. Gnome seems to work pretty well with Wayland.

Yes, I understand that Wayland isn’t ready for regular use, but more and more distributions are pushing it by default instead of X11. That’s why I wanted to check it out :wink:

Also, it seems to work on the same machine on Fedora KDE LiveCD. Didn’t check any other distros. I’ll probably do some digging in some free time, just wanted to check if anyone maybe had the same problem.

KDE is not ready yet for Wayland.
nVidia’s proprietary driver is not ready yet for Wayland.
For KDE + nouveau use XRender compositing, not OpenGL, or turn it off.