bacula - install issue (Can't find your catalog (MyCatalog) in director configuration)

Under opensuse 11.4, I had this error message

build20-dir shell command: run BeforeJob "/usr/lib/bacula/ MyCatalog"
build20-dir BeforeJob: Can't find your catalog (MyCatalog) in director configuration

First, I had to solve this problem :
bacula - install issue ( service bacula-dir start give " Exec format error " )

After soft-linking “bacula-dir” with “bacula-dir.mysql”, I had this second problem with “MyCatalog”.
This problem is about “dbcheck”. Again, to solve it, you must delete “dbcheck” binary and make a soft link of dbcheck.mysql.

cd /usr/sbin
rm dbcheck
ln -s dbcheck.mysql dbcheck

After that, MyCatalog’s problem is solved.

It is the same for opensuse 11.4, so it is necessary to soft link all 0 sized binaries, with .mysql version.

Is it a package error ?

I too received the same problem and struggling from past two days. But unable to fix it.

Today, I’ve gone through the script and understood that “/usr/lib64/bacula/” script is “bacula.sql” in /var/lib/bacula.

Looks like this file is temporary and needs to be generated during the backup and should get deleted after the catalog backup. I found that this file was not deleted previously.

I deleted this file manually and run the backup which got finished successfully.

This may help someone.