Backup tool /tmp folder

How do I make a backup of my home folder (abt. 23 GB) when I only have 7.5 GB free in “/” partition? I get a message that there isn’t enough space in /tmp folder (on “/” partition) when I try to backup, even though I choose to put the backup file on home partition which has abt. 50 GB of free space. Seems like a dead end unless I want to delete data off of home partition. Or, anyone has a solution?

I use the Yast Backup tool.

Look for other solutions. Yast Backup is a system backup tool. A backup of /home in /home would be of no use. Attach an external disk, or copy /home/* to another disk.
But please do yourself a favor, and do a search through the forums, there’s tons of posts on backing up. But you will need disk space, and cannot backup on the same device the source data are on.