Backup software

What is a good backup software to use?

To what medium are you backing up to? If it’s an external drive, I use
rsync and tar.

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I’ve been using a program called SimpleBackup which is basically a GUI front end for tar and rsynch. I set it up for daily backups and it seems to be working fine. I say seems, because I have never had to restore! The files it creates are simple tar files and when I look into them, everything seems to be as it should.

There is one great tool, it’s calles System Rescue CD.
There is one particularly great tool, FSarchiver, it is file based backup BUT what differs it from tar is that even if one file will get corrupted You can extract any other and also each file has it’s own md5 sum. I think we could give it a try i certainly do :slight_smile:

ralphpam schrieb:
> What is a good backup software to use?

I like Bacula. Works like a charm for me backing up a dozen servers running
various Windows and Linux flavors to a SCSI LTO tape drive every night with
no problems to speak of. Very supportive community, too.