backup & restore partitions in a dual-boot scenario

Has anyone backed up partitions and successfully restored them to a different drive? I need to be able to recover from a potential devastating failure of my boot drive (a precaution for a company server that cannot be down for more than a few hours).

I have tried Clonezilla, but because I am stuck on Apple hardware, which has an EFI partition, an Apple HFS partition, and then the SuSE partitions (where GRUB resides at /root) I can’t use it. Clonezilla apparently rewrites GRUB in the MBR which messes with the delicate configuration required by the Mac hardware.

I have tried Terabyte’s Image for Linux and so far can’t seem to get it working without errors.

If anyone has used a routine, has got a toolkit, that has worked for them, I would love to know. I wish*I could clone the entire drive but I don’t think that will be possible given its dual-boot, Apple-Linux nature. But I would at least like to backup the Linux /root and /home partitions.

Partimage will do the Linux partitions. See this for examples: Backup Restore Images of Hard Disk Drive Partitions

I’ll look further into Partimage. Thanks.

On Thu, 03 Dec 2009 17:16:01 GMT, fogelfish
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>I’ll look further into Partimage. Thanks.

ISTR something like rEFIy to help with the EFI partition. Perhaps
even seen recently in this NG. dd is a little trickier to use but it
will make a clone of most any partition, unused space and all internal

Joseph, I searched the internet for “rEFIy” with no luck, but your comment did get me to thinking: why don’t I search the internet for backing up drives that have rEFit partitions. And I should write the developer or rEFit!

I’ll look into dd.

Actually, I’m still trying to get a solid understanding of the relationships between EFI, MBR, GRUB, etc., so that I have a very clear idea of what I’m facing.