Backup Manager

Installed this from the build service repo as it seemed to fit the bill of a simple GUI tool for managing backups, but it refuses to start: you click on the meny item and nothing at all happens. Has anyone else experienced this?
Failing a solution, any suggestions for an alternative? The YaST backup is fine for a weekly safety measure but doesn’t do daily incrementals, and Amanda and Bacula seem overkill for my needs.

Hi gminnerup. I recently installed ‘Back In Time’ backup utility (available from the Packman repo). Very configurable via KDE or Gnome GUI. It has been configured to back up to an external drive. I added a custom udev entry to give this particular disk partition a persistent name (/media/backup). The utility performs incremental backups via rsync at specified times via cron. It inherits some clever rsync features such as hard-linking unchanged files to previous backups, thus saving disk space.

I thoroughly recommend it - it just works in the background (as long as drive is attached).

More info here.

Downloaded and tried it. Seems ok and I might stick with it for a while but I’m really looking for something that will write the backups to a fileserver on the LAN, Back in Time seems to be unable to do that (using an external USB hard drive for now).
There’s something called fwbackups which seems to do all I want without being as complex as Bacula or Amanda but it seems only available as source. Anyone tried it with OpenSUSE?