backup mail


I have my 3 email accounts configured in thunderbird with pop.

I make monthly backups on an external drive. As I use the mail every day, it would be good to do daily backups.

I have configured with the pop to not leave messages on the server, is this a good idea? or better to use imap?.

An option to easily perform everyday copies safe could be encrypting thunderbird folder and copying in the cloud with spideroak.

How would you do? What do you recommend?

Thank you.

How important are your emails? Are they essential to your business? Would you have to produce them to prove something? If not, daily backups are probably overkill.

Your ISP would probably prefer you to use IMAP simply because it puts less of a load on their servers. If you use IMAP, you need to have a permanent Internet connection to consult any of your emails and you would not need to back any of them up. If you use POP, you need to make arrangements to preserve any important emails but you can look at the ones you have downloaded any time.

But is the cloud any safer than an external backup from your own computer?

The daily backup is because some emails even though few should not lose them.

If I make a copy in the cloud with spideroak would before encrypting the thunderbird folder. A copy spideroak would be easy with a run.

When is it safe to use imap?, is it not better to use pop to download the messages and prevent server can access them?

Just looking for the safest way to use my email.

Safe from what is the question. Safe from loss? Then cloud is not bad. Safe from others less time on the cloud the better. Safe From NSA forget it. They got the mail before you did.

The NSA worries me less because it only where necessary read my emails.

I would avoid administrators of the email service can read my emails and potential hackers.

So asked if they consider best pop or imap. I use pop to avoid leaving my emails on the server.

Then you can encrypt the thunderbird folder with strong password and perform daily backups in the cloud of my emails, tasks and calendar.

To avoid losing important mails, calendar events and tasks considered the possibility of daily backups in the cloud.

Or better to use directly imap and google calendar? I suppose all this up encrypted in the cloud for backup can be more secure.

Just because you mark an object for deletion it does not mean it is truly deleted. As a general rule things are just marked for deletion not truly randomized.

My feeling is use pop and backup