backup in prep for wipe / install (upgrade)

I plan on using rsync to backup my system to a NAS drive in prep for a reformat and install of the latest version of openSUSE.

I’m a relative newbie…here is what I plan on copying to my backup drive:

and any file anywhere that matches *.conf

My goal is to be able to save my configuration changes (openvpn, samba, apache, etc.) and any other ‘tweaks’ I’ve made – so when I reinstall these apps I will be ahead on the (re)learning curve.

Does this make sense? Do you think I’m missing anything?

If anyone has published a step-by-step article on doing a backup of files and upgrade to new version of OS, please point me to it.


Not sure you’re missing anything but backups are kind of a personal thing.

Perhaps a list of installed rpms so you’re as close as possible recreate the env for etc.

I would be a little careful with etc and configs, you may just find in upgrading a certain app does it this way instead of that way. Perhaps bring etc in slowly so you can clearly identify any hiccups should there be any. If you just drop /etc in and there is hiccups may be very difficult tracking it down.

Thanks, yes I understand about /etc – I wasn’t planning on dropping it back onto the new install but just having it saved just so I can look at files as a reference when setting up the new install.

Understand the point about backups being personal, too. I just wanted to know if what I plan on saving is enough to act as a “guide” when doing the new install. For example, I spent a LOT of time tweaking openvpn and samba – I would not want to lose those .conf files since they are a valuable reference.

That sort of thing is what I wanted to hear about…like are there any other “.conf” type files I should search out and make sure I save?

As I said, I’m a bit of a newbie so I’m not familiar with all the important things to retain when doing a reinstall. I think my original posted list is a good start but wanted to make sure I’m not missing anything.


Well you decide :wink: this if run as root will find all available configs

find / -name *.conf

Though think you have most places covered. That looks like it will find a couple of others but then if you’ve not tweaked them nothing to lose.

Edit Also perhaps look at the diff command a little when you come to build it using diffs and patches may help you a bit though I’d try dropping in the few, just backup the orig so it is easy to undo. Otherwise do careful reading of changelogs i.e after install or apps homes. You could very well just drop in etc and go.

yup, thanks…that’s what I did and I found that a lot of the .conf files I did recognize and will need to save.

Just as long as there isn’t another type of file that could be spread around the system that you think I need to search out (like, “hey don’t forget to look for all the .foo files”)…that sort of thing is what I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing.


TBH you’re talking to a /home saver only.

I’m not aware of any others /opt may have some bits also usr/local.

If this was me and I had the room I’d do a parallel install. So you have 2 suses, then just slowly copying bits then when finally settled remove the old one.

Infact that is exactly how I did my last one which reminds me I should reclaim the space.