backup doesnt work

I try to use deja DUP

the backup stop with an error message about some directory under / like usr …but i JUST ask to backup my /home/xxx directory ??


Like always, we don’t want to see “an error about some directory” but the exact message. The first one can only make us guess, the second one might give some clue.

I don’t use Deja Dup,
But the following should help you…

Deja Dup
The first screenshot suggests you can exclude the entire root partition

A short summary of Deja Dup

Since Deja Dup is a wrapper around duplicity, the following describes duplicity documentation

The online MAN pages for duplicity is the next link.
If your backup is very simple (eg just your home directory, you’d still need to know about full and incremental backups), you might consider simply creating a command, then save it as an executable shell script


i try grsync to see if it is OK and running

I got problem with it to , stop without message

looking on forum i saw something interesting and disable baloo

and grsync run fine !!

may be i will test againt dup


You should post your Deja Dup configuration and error.

If either is a graphic window, make a screenshot.
If you can get an error in your logs (I don’t know if there is a cuplicity log or if errors might be written to the journal)

In other words, you should try to post exact, detailed info about the error and your configuration.