Backup and restore local folders in K Mail

I did a search here for whats in the subject bar and came up empty so here is the question–

How to backup and restore local folders in K Mail. I understand that this is a rudimentary question-- under K Mail in 11.2 there is no backup and restore option for local folders (that I have been able to find anyway). I use 11.2 on this machine where I do all e mail, browsing and everything pretty much internet related. I am going to upgrade to 11.4 in another week and want to make sure that I understand backup and restore procedures for K Mail…in case something untoward happens during the upgrade to 11.4.


Hello expat1,

There’s no simple way of making a backup of your e-mails and mail settings using the GUI of KMail.
If I’m not mistaking it’s impossible to do that from within KMail.

But hidden in the KDE documentation you can read how to backup your mails and settings.

Good luck!:wink:

I have simply backed up /home and always been able to restore emails though the restored emails are placed in a separate set of folders.