backup advice

I looking for advice on what is the best way for backup on opensuse in case hard disk failure .

I have opensuse as server running samba (with some share folder) and mysql and web service.
for mysql backup I run cron job using automysqlbackup script that run 3 times a day (morning , lunch , evening).

in case of hard disk failure, I wish to be put every things on new hard disk in 1or 2 hours.

do I have to use disk imaging software ? if yes please recommend

A lot depends on how you intend to do it. One option would be rsync to another hard disk.

And check rsnapshot. They use basicaly rsync, but have allready wrapped it in a usefull, configurable tool. Like rsysnc it works local and remote.

And like john_hudson, I stress the fact that you should make a plan containing why you want a backup, what you want to backup, method (how much, incremental, etc), and more. You are allready doing that according to your post. You can make a choice of a tool after you know what you want.

And, very important, plan for a data recovery and test it!

thanks for your suggestion. i will into this.:wink: