Backtrack tools under open suse 11

First of all i like open suse style and i knew the backtrack is the best in the security issues. so i wanna a way that add the backtrack tools to my suse 11 any help?

please guys know that iam still new in linux so choose the most simple answers.

I’ve used the Backtrack CD before, but I’m not very familiar with all it’s capabilities. You should be able to add many of the tools from Backtrack to OpenSUSE without any problem. Just check that the license allows it. I bet many of the tools are available for install with Yast, bring up the software installer and search for the program names. Wireshark is a good tool for sniffing the network, and I know it’s available from the repositories. Good luck.

i know about wireshark but backtrack have some exclusive tools for pertration that what i mean. but thx 4 reply

I’m doing just this, installing selected Backtrack tools into OpenSuSE 11.3 because apparently the latest official Backtrack based on Ubuntu has problems with my hardware.

Starting with Backtrack4 (current is a maintenance update 4.1), Backtrack packages are now all Debian which means that if you have any hope of installing latest versions of tools you’ll likely have to compile from source (SuSE RPMs may be and in the future will likely be outdated). Some highly customized tools are in APT repositories which are not supported at all by OpenSuSE 11.3… I started investigating the possibility of mirroring the APT repositories in OpenSuSE 11.3 but after not finding any APT client <or> Server management software later than about 2004, I decided to table that course of action.

Also, I recommend Googling the combination of OpenSuSE, 11.3 and the tool to be installed <before> you begin, you’ll find idiosyncrasies relating to errors specific to the OpenSuSE install and ways people have found to overcome. Do not assume that anything will install easily.

At this point I’ve installed the latest Aircrack-ng suite and am next going to be installing the CUDA cracking tools.

If you want to share install experiences not appropriate to the Forum feel free to contact me off-Forum.


thx tony but can u send me a message how i contact u off forum?

As zigzagooo figured out, anyone else is welcome to contact me regarding Backtrack also. I can be contacted initially through the “Messaging” part of this Forums.