backlight of LCD monitor not turns off

Hi Everybody,

I have a problem with my HP LCD monitor: it is not switching off backlight, just blank screen instead.

  1. xset q - shows that DPMS is enabled
  2. screensaver is switched off
  3. xset dpms force off doesn’t switch of backlight.
  4. under windows everything is Ok

I have opensuse 11.1. KDE 4.2.2. ATI catalyst 9.4 (HD Radeon 3200)

Can somebody help?

There was a couple of problems with Powerdevil in KDE 4.2. I’ve reported this bug:, they solved it, but it’s buggy again. I’ve also opened a thread:


I have reinstalled my opensuse (was just playing) but now without upgrading KDE. So standby was working properly switching off backlight with radeonhd 1.2.3 video driver. But after I installed Catalyst 9.4 and got blankscreen instead of switching off backlight.

So looks like it doesn’t work properly with catalyst drivers.