Backing up system?

I just a backup with YAST and got a 361meg *.tar.gz. That doesn’t seem like I got all the / and /home partitions but it could have. According to kdiskfree I have:
20 gig /… 14 gig free… 28% used
76 gig /home… 72 gig free… 5.8% used
Does that look right to you? I copied the two new backup files to a CD. The *.xml (small) and the *.tar.gz 361 meg. If I somehow lose the drive how do I recover my system on a new hard drive? I’m used to Acronis True Image and would like to use something similar but made for linux, anything out there? Are there alternatives to back up the system? I’d like to do it to a couple dvds, plug in the new drive, stick the number one dvd in and let her rip. Reboot to the hd and have openSuse11 there just as pretty as ever.

As I understand it, the Yast backup merely backs up the changes from the default installation.

PartImage is great, sort of a free ghost.

If you don’t mind CLI, then rsync is simple to use: :: Back up like an expert with rsync

Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Rsync

And I add this link: rsnapshot

Thanx all of you, I’m getting the partimage iso now, it looks like the one I want.

You’ll see in this reference a method for making a DVD bootable and storing partimage images on it, philosophically like Norton/Acronis Ghost. Could be useful – except the iamges must be able to fit on the DVD. Of course, if you are savvy about what you’re doing, you don’t have to store them on the same DVD, or at all on DVDs

Clonezilla also works like a free Ghost. There are bootable ISOs with Clonezilla and Gparted.

heh heh I started to sweat when I got to the “not for the faint hearted” part :eek: Thanx for the link, that’s what I’m aiming for.

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