Backing up important System files.

Yeah. my system is running extremely smooth.
Just in case I install something like a driver and it messes with my configuration: Is there a way to back up very important system files?


There are plenty of ways to back up your system.
There are some hacker friendly ways w/ command “dd”…
dd - Linux Command - Unix Command
There is the package Amanda…
Main Page - The Open Source Backup Wiki (Amanda, MySQL Backup, BackupPC)
but why not just check out Yast’s backup…
YaST/Modules/System Backup - openSUSE

Yast will probably be easiest, the others more customizable…

There is also one that’s like Apple’s Time Machine…which should be close to Yasts…
TimeVault: Time Machine for Linux

Good Luck!

Thing is, that I don’t want to waste a whole bunch of Gigabytes for this. I’ll try Yasts backup system first.
Thanks for the advice. Points raised.


Well, do you mean just to back up your /etc /bin /usr etc… or specific files?

Typically on a backup you can customize it to backup as much or as little as you want…

It would be a good idea to post what works for you so
others can learn too!

I know I’d like a rundown of all the ways to backup one’s

Good Luck!