Backing up excluding and including

Hallo All,

I’d like to set up a backup so that one specific directory tree (i.e.
my documents) is regularly backup up.

YaST seems to have a reasonable backup tool so I was trying to set that
up by declaring the directory I want to backup in the ‘include’ section
and by putting root ( ‘/’ ) in the exclude section. However, the tool
seems to rattle off and tries to backup tons of files that I don’t want
backing up. Arrrggghhh!

What am I doing wrong here? I must be making some basic error. Or can
anyone suggest a better backup-tool?

Regards and thanks,
Alan Searle


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There is an obvious logical problem in that /home/~/Documents is in /
(even if /home is on a separate partition). So change your excludes and
see it that works.


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