Backing up configuration

im trying to clone a computer, but just the configuration, the ftp,telnetetc… permissions , also the users adn passwords, i alredy tried clonning with clonezilla, the problem its that the cloned pc has a disk twice the size of the one where i want to install the image, also tried gpartes but its the same , also tried partition by partition, but only made the system not to boot, so i tought that maybe there was a way to clone just the configuration of the packeges.
well i hope someone can help, thanks a lot


  • If you’ve cloned a disk but it’s not booting, you may only need to re-write the MBR (Master Boot Record). This can be done a number of ways, probably most commonly by booting to a command environment (eg LiveCD), then execute fdisk /mbr on the target disk. Note this is the solution for most common installs, relatively recently various OS including Linux can store the boot records in other locations than the MBR.
  • On some disk configurations you may need to mark the boot partition as Active.
  • Clonezilla typically includes utilities to execute fdisk and create/manage partitions on a new disk.
  • Clonezilla like all image-based backups should support restoring to larger disks with larger partitions (always) and smaller disks (depends). If the utilities in Clonezilla are confusing, you can simply restore to orignial sized partitions and re-size partitions later using either gparted (installed in a *NIX OS) or using a gparted LiveCD (generally works on all disks no matter how formatted and what OS is installed).

Trying to backup/restore only configurations can become complex and difficult, I don’t recommend that approach.


Use DAR to do the backup. Create some form of recovery CD containing dar (or dar on a USB dstick with say a live cd) partition the new disk. restore the required file systems. Reinstall grub and depending upon how you define things in fstab, edit fstab. I have done this and it works