Back using Opensuse

I had used Opensuse before and left for a bit to try out Ubuntu. Then just the other day I was listening to the Linux Action show and heard about Opensuse again and decided to give it a spin, wow I am impressed, so much so I backed up my data and blasted Ubuntu off and reinstalled Opensuse. I am very happy with this change. My thanks for a wonderful Distro.


Nice callsign.

I tried Ubuntu on a test machine here recently. I did so because I just was not sure that KDE 4 was going to be a good experience for me coming from openSUSE 11.1 and KDE 3.5. Once I got the packages I wanted installed the file manager was broken. I am not dissing Debian just Ubuntu’s fork. It has some other problems that are mostly me being originally a KDE wm user and a Mandrake/Mandriva user before I switched to openSUSE. I am using openSUSE11.3 now. It’s not perfect as no distros is but it’s very good when looking at other distros.

Welcome back. In the days when Hertz was the number one car rental company and Avis the number two, Avis adopted the slogan ‘We try harder’ and I think that very much sums up what has been going on in opensuse in the last few years.

Thanks for the Kind replies, I am a Gnome Fan myself. I have tried KDE but ust did not like the feel of how things worked, I am glad that Opensuse offers both desktops and people can choose. I am not going to diss Ubuntu it is a fine Linux Distro. I will say that I feel like IMHO that Opensuse seems to feel much more polished. I find that it feels faster and I like how the “Slab” Menu makes sense to me.


Welcome to openSUSE

Please to hear your finding it to your liking. Enjoy yourself and just ask if you need help

Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide

I will be Duel booting between Opensuse and Ubuntu so looks like I will be using two very good Distros, as I learn my way through the Linux World.