Baack with openSUSE

O.K. Sometime ago, I did a thread on my frustrations with openSUSE, while those haven’t exactly changed, I came to find from going to Fedora and then Sabayon (which I really liked Sabayon), that I missed two things about openSUSE.

  1. the way the menus are laid out. I really don’t understand why the other distro’s do not take the time to organize their menu’s. You can find it in two places. ~/config/menus or in /etc/xdg/menus You can find an example for the menuing in the openSUSE wiki and on I actually used the xml files to make my menus on Fedora and Sabayon to be more organized. Still wasn’t quite as nice as openSUSE, but it helped.

  2. was in fact YaST. While YaST does do some things that in my opinion breaks standards, the YaST control center is a great tool. I tried doing my own variation, which I got from Eds. Create a folder on the desktop, and then drag and drop my tools into that folder. It still wasn’t perfect, but hey.

One of my friends at work who is a Gentoo user, just had his hard drive crash. So he decides to install openSUSE. Now he’s not fond, yet, of the package management, but maybe that’ll come. He did say he likes yast. He said it’s much better than the Windows control pannel.

YaST is one of the areas where openSUSE shines above other distros.

Welcome back…and your findings mirror my own.
It would seem that your options are many when you try to ditch SuSE,
but in reality there aren’t. Sure I can make do with CentOS or Fedora
but it’s not the same. You’re also more likely to find CLI bigots in their
forums…which explains the wretched state of their GUI’s. I can’t deal
with .deb distros so they’re out entirely.

Welcome back! :wink:

Thank you for the warm welcome back.

Here is an example of the menus I was referring to, if your interested. So what I did was save it to my /home partition. Here is another link Packaging/SUSE Package Conventions/Desktop Menu - openSUSE About half way down the page, you’ll see it.

It was things like Sax2 saying don’t edit, that annoyed me. I can see giving a warning, but to say, don’t edit, I think is over kill.

Welcome baaack!!
Be it ever so goofy there’s no place like Opensuse huh?
Ps Are you back at Matt’s SUSEUnbound Forum too?