B550 phantom gamin 4 + ryzen 7 -- no KDE -- ACPI errors

I can not boot leap 15.1 since I changed motherboard and processor (and memory modules)…

I run Linux in runlevel 3 :{

I got lot of acpi errors… and I can not find an update for my BIOS.
Linux is now completly unusable and I use it for working 3/4 of my time :{

Is this after a fresh install on your new hardware?

no… I just replaced the motherboard/processor/memory

The ultimate frustration is that windows 10 works better than linux now :{
Windows 7 rebooted in loop, no way to reinstall, the install dvd led to same behaviour.
I installed windows 10. That is all I did. The issue happened before I reinstalled windows 10.

I have no clues… some say “flash up your bios” but there is no upgrade for this motherboard as far as I can see.
No support from azrock, no support from amd ^^ Excellent !!

Maybe this is a bit beyond my competence, but I would always install any operating system fresh on new hardware so basic as this. During installation the system is thoroughly investigated by the installer and I assume that parameters in the kernel are set to mirror what is found.

BTW, I only talk about openSUSE, have no idea what MS Windows does or should do, there are other forums for that I assume.

Install fresh Leap 15.2.
Specify your hardware: use “inxi” utility for that.

LEAP 15.2 has runlevel 5, network and works good
the fact windows 10 won’t boot is another issue