B43/ Legacy files loaded into lib/fmware but nothing happens

I have recently bought an HP mini note (2133). which runs Suse 10. The wireless network adptapter, a BCM 4311/12 works fine.

I’ve updated to Suse 11 and the wireless has gone. I’ve tired everything. I’ve used the ‘Sudo’ command to download the B43 and B43legacy firmware to the /lib/firmeware folder. This didn’t bring up the card.

I’ve tried the FWcutter command to do the same, with no success. Both approachs put the B43 and B43legacy .fw files into the /lib/firmware folder.

Am I missing anything, do I have to do anythign with the .fw files? As nothign else seems to help. Can I take anythign from Suse 10 into the Suse 11 installation, like a copy of the /lib/firmware folder.

I’m new to Linux so I haven’t a clue what to do next.

The first thing is to provide the output of the ‘dmesg | grep b43’ command.

For the BCM4311, you need the b43 driver and firmware. The driver for b43legacy
is for hardware that is much older than yours.