B43 firmware on MicroOS?

How do I install the Broadcom firmware on MicroOS? The /usr/sbin/install_bcm43xx_firmware script does not exist.

@Xenophore1 you would need to install b43-fwcutter and run that script in a transactional update shell and reboot…

transactional-update shell
zypper in b43-fwcutter
systemctl reboot
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That looks like it should have worked but it’s still complaining that it can’t find the firmware even after running the install script. It’s weird because running the script is what even the error message says to do. I hate Broadcom and their &#! proprietary firmware.

@Xenophore1 So if you just run the command (not in a tu shell) what happens?

It would be more helpful if you provided here the full transcript of what you did with complete command lines and their output.