[B]VNC Client / Real VNC installation problem[/B]


I’m looking to use a vnc client so I can connect to my other windows machine.

I thought i’d use realVNC as I’ve used it before from windows and it seems to do the job… the problem is that when I try and install it I get the following message:

Package /temp/vnc-4_1_3-x86_linux.rpm could not be installed.

Subprocess failed. Error RPM failed:error: Failed dependencies:

libstdc+±libc6.2-2.so.3 is needed by vnc-4.1.3-1.i386

Is it a problem that I’m trying to install this on a 64 bit Suse 11.1 installation?

Can anyone recommend a solution (I can’t find the package to install), or any other good vnc clients I can easily use?

Many Thanks!

if the viewer is all you want then just down load the viewer from the realvnc download page
RealVNC - Download VNC software

just click proceed to download

7 up from the bottom you will see
VNC Enterprise Edition Viewer for Linux (x64)

I just tried downloading RealVNC free edition for linux, but there’s no x64 option. Will a x86 run on a x86_64? Should be backwards compatible, right?

If you have the correct 32 bit libraries it requires

Ok, I can confirm that: it’s up and running.