B-Installing openSuse on a Windows 8 Laptop


I have a Toshiba C55-A laptop with the dreaded windows 8 installed. I have upgraded to 8.1 and would like to install openSuse in a dual boot mode without erasing my existing windows. I must admit I haven’t dual booted since I used Red Hat 8 years ago and that required a clean install of Windows on a small partition before installing the Linux. Can someone point me to a thread that outlines the sequence to make the install. I would kill Windows 8 all together except I can’t find an open source software that will replace my Roxio Creator.

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First reduce the size of the Windows partition to give free space for Linux. Then install.

You will need to be sure to boot the install media to EFI mode. You may need to find instruction on how to do that for you hardware but try F10.

Note that not all EFI BIOS are created equal. So some my give problems please come back and let us know if you have problems, someone should be able to help you

You can take a look here: https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/492573-windows-8-1-dual-booted-opensuse-13-1-a#5. That link will direct you to another article, a how-to for installing OpenSUSE 12.3 alongside preinstalled W8. The link provided here, explains most of the differences you need to take into consideration due to OpenSUSE being 13.1 and not 12.3, and W8.1 not being W8.

Also, it seems to be some extra work with using Toshibas. That may not be true by now, though, as new BIOS/UEFI releases appear all the time. I have been able to solve my problems with my Toshiba, though. Take a look here if you run into problems yourself (I’m writing this from that very Toshiba) https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/490605-TOSHIBA-Satellite-P50-A-UEFI-W8-dualboot-Cannot-install-12-3-(nor-13-1-beta)/page5#45. You may be interested in other parts of that thread too if you don’t get any immediate ideas. E.g. odlcpu describes his Toshiba in there too. He also has a blog where he discuss his take on installing OpenSUSE 13.1 onto his Toshiba.

If you still find you cannot solve your problems, ask back here in this thread, and we will try to assist you as much as we can.

Good luck!


Thanks for the info. I’ll try this next weekend to get it up and running. I’m on travel now and need to get home first.