Azure patch requires items which aren't available


I keep being presented with this patch: openSUSE-SLE-15.5-2024-1314 (1) which when I try to install, always complains that some things that it needs are not available. What is the problem?


How are you trying to install it? Try zypper up to see if it goes away. If it doesn’t, paste here input/output using code tags from zypper lr -d.

Thanks for responding. In the tab at the bottom of the screen, there’s an install updates button. Unless there is a problem, I’ll often use that. In this case the complaint is:

Nothing provides python3-packaging >= 20.9 needed by the to be installed azure-cli-core-2.36.0-150200.9.3.2.noarch.

I’ve made a point of refreshing all the repositories.

Attempting to update using zypper I get a similar complaint.

Although I’ve run " zypper lr -d" I don’t know what you mean by the “code tags” from the command output.

There’s a code tag icon right here above the composition/input pane. Wrap what you paste with these tags. Alternatively, which produces the same resulting preserved command output formatting, is to paste in between two lines where you typed only “~~~” (three tildes).

Try running zypper up again, and paste its command input/output here as well.

See bugreport…

Thank you!