azcp: error writing file

Here’s an odd one:

azcp: error writing file: Input=output error

This error occurred when I was copying a large directory from my primary file system to a USB hard drive. There is plenty of space on the target drive. azcp doesn’t seem to be a Linux program, since which azcp doesn’t turn anything up. However there is a program azcopy that is associated with the Azure file system, which I’ve never heard of.

What might be going on?

Please, please, “copying a large directory” is a very general description that tells us near to nothing. And as you also do not show us the complte action (prompt command line, ouput, next command line) as CODE here, we realy have to guess what you did. And letting people guess may lead to the wildest advises.

The command was cp -av ~ /mnt/db, where /mnt/db was a mounted USB hard drive. The quoted message should have been azcp: error writing file: Input-output error. I was trying to back up my home directory. I eventually tried the same command again and the copy succeeded. Still, I’m wondering what that **azcp **was all about.