First let me say that I am 80 yrs young and therefore i request that any reply be explicit as to where and how of instructions. I am trying to install a wireless printer for my older Seagate desktop. . I have a disk for the Canon all in one printer, but get a message there is no software to read Dos, oh well!! I haven’t a clue as to how to proceed. Any advice will be greatly appreciated

What model printer?

You will have to get the drivers from the net but to recommend one we would need the model

Canon PIXMA MG2900series

This looks like the driver


Note that Canon is not know for the quality of it’s Linux support.

First let me apologize for my rudeness in not thanking you for your prompt reply. Second when I saw your reply I immediately went to the canon drive download site (feeling pretty dopey for not thing of it myself) and downloaded the drivers. Saved the files and then extracted them. Now I am really clueless as to how to proceed to install them. I see the files (both original and unzipped in my download file and ark (default) clueless as to what to do now! Thanking you in advance for any help.

I believe they are RPM ie they have a .rpm at the end. run them it should right click and install with appr program and install. If that does not work please tell us error message