awn shiny switcher

Hello. I’m a openSUSE 11.0 user.

I have installed awn from the packman repo, and almost all is fine, except the shiny switcher. It shows an error message following:

** (awn-applet-activation:19071): WARNING **: No exec path found in desktop file None

(awn-applet-activation:19075): Wnck-CRITICAL **: wnck_workspace_is_virtual: assertion `WNCK_IS_WORKSPACE (space)’ failed

** (awn-applet-activation:19075): WARNING **: shinyswitcher: Failed to read config key: applet_border_colour. Setting to 0x000000

** (awn-applet-activation:19075): WARNING **: shinyswitcher: Failed to read config key: desktop_colour. Setting to 0x000000

ShinySwitcher Message: attempting to configure workspaces

(awn-applet-activation:19075): Wnck-CRITICAL **: wnck_screen_change_workspace_count: assertion `count >= 1’ failed

(awn-applet-activation:19075): Wnck-CRITICAL **: wnck_screen_try_set_workspace_layout: assertion `rows != 0 || columns != 0’ failed
Failed to acquire ownership of workspace layout

(awn-applet-activation:19075): Wnck-CRITICAL **: wnck_workspace_get_width: assertion `WNCK_IS_WORKSPACE (space)’ failed

(awn-applet-activation:19075): Wnck-CRITICAL **: wnck_workspace_get_height: assertion `WNCK_IS_WORKSPACE (space)’ failed
cols = 1, rows=1
** ERROR:(shinyswitcherapplet.c:407):calc_dimensions: assertion failed: (shinyswitcher->mini_work_height)

Any advice?

Delete all local awn related files, then run again, fine. :slight_smile: