AWN or Cairo


Does anyone know of a repository where I can find AWN or Cairo for opensuse 11.1 64 bits? Or of plans for this to happen in the future?

Here is a repo for AWN
Index of /repositories/home:/mpmiranda/openSUSE_Factory

Cairo dont seem to have a package though.

On 11/24/2009 05:36 AM, TaraIkeda wrote:
> Here is a repo for AWN
> ‘Index of /repositories/home:/mpmiranda/openSUSE_Factory’
> (
> Cairo dont seem to have a package though.

cairo-dock ? look here .

Avant-window-navigator (AWN) is in packman as well.

@Keith4law, stick to the four main repositories oss, non-oss, update and
packman if you can as it will create minimal headaches in the long
run :slight_smile:

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Not wishing to detract from the docks but this is one thing many people don’t realise can be done quite nicely with KDE4 folderview plasmoids. OK the icons don’t bounce but I can live with that… With Activities linked to desktops, you can even have different “Folderview docks” for each desktop.


Thanks for the advise everyone. I do have packman as a repository already but when I but AWN into the software management program (I use Gnome) I do not get any results? Should I be looking in another way

Try Avant Windows Navigator or just “avant”…

Really? Care to explain how, please?

Just have found an article with an explanation. Sounds interesting…