awn-extras /-applets crashing - what's missing ?

Hi there,

I’m currently running openSUSE 11.3 x86_64 I’ve avant-window-navigator and awn-extras

both 0.4.0-1.2

python-awn and vala-awn are installed

almost all applets that I’m adding crash with “Whoops! The applet crashed. Click to restart it.

what’s still missing ? any ideas ?

many thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:

the error-message, btw, is:

Screen is composited
** (avant-window-navigator:25211): DEBUG: Updating dialog colours
** (avant-window-navigator:25211): DEBUG: Spawned awn-applet[25212] for “main-menu.desktop”, UID: 1280936942, XID: 41943089
** (avant-window-navigator:25211): DEBUG: Spawned awn-applet[25214] for “quick-prefs.desktop”, UID: 1, XID: 41943090
** (avant-window-navigator:25211): DEBUG: Spawned awn-applet[25215] for “taskmanager.desktop”, UID: 3, XID: 41943091
** (avant-window-navigator:25211): DEBUG: Spawned awn-applet[25216] for “digital-clock.desktop”, UID: 1280936968, XID: 41943092
** (avant-window-navigator:25211): DEBUG: Spawned awn-applet[25217] for “garbage.desktop”, UID: 1280936974, XID: 41943093
** (avant-window-navigator:25211): DEBUG: Spawned awn-applet[25218] for “quit-log-out.desktop”, UID: 1280937010, XID: 41943094
** (avant-window-navigator:25211): DEBUG: Spawned awn-applet[25219] for “notification-area.desktop”, UID: 1280937114, XID: 41943095
** (avant-window-navigator:25211): DEBUG: Spawned awn-applet[25220] for “weather.desktop”, UID: 1280937145, XID: 41943096

(awn-applet:25215): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_dir_read_name: assertion `dir != NULL’ failed

(awn-applet:25215): GLib-CRITICAL : g_dir_close: assertion `dir != NULL’ failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
** File “/usr/share/avant-window-navigator/applets/quit/”, line 28, in <module>
from awn.extras import awnlib, version
ImportError: No module named extras
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/share/avant-window-navigator/applets/weather/”, line 34, in <module>
from awn.extras import _, awnlib, version
ImportError: No module named extras


I was having a similar problem (OpenSuse 11.3 w GNOME 3.2). Just ignore the warnings, they probably dont matter! Its the errors you should focus on.

Just a wild guess, but I think you need to install python. (programs ending with a .py extension are python apps!).


If he didnt have python installed he’d have much larger issues. I’m currently trouble shooting this issue as well, although it’s under 11.4. My guess is during the installation file links got screwed up. I had a similar problem with yast2.

If I figure it out I’ll let you know.