Awesome-Looking Open Source Operating System to Replicate Windows - Pls Check This Out :o

It’s really late right now but I can’t go to bed this excited about finding something like this to share with you guys. :expressionless:

Basically I was looking through Wikipedia learning more about Linux, some individual distros (including Novell, SUSE, & openSUSE hehe), Unix, BSD, and other Unix-related operating systems, and somehow I came across the operating system in which I’m sharing with you guys.

It’s 100% open source just like openSUSE. It’s not *nix but programmed from C and C++. It’s been developed since the late 1990’s and really needs help, and that’s why I’m spreading the word; if this interests you, please spread the word as well.

This open source operating system is called ReactOS, and was designed to replicate & replace Windows and offer better performance, better security, stability, and compatibility with all/most Windows software, hardware, and applications. It’s quite impressive too, and it really is struggling to develop so if you can contribute by spreading the word, donating some change, and/or dedicating time to program to further develop it, you’d contribute to the world & open source by helping support & maintain it.

Before I post some screenshots, I just want to ask for your help which is requested above & what you can do to help. If you check this out on Wikipedia, it’s labeled as “hobby software” even explained on the page because it isn’t very known, doesn’t get funding/donations, and only has 2-3 developers. We need to help this project.




As you can see from the above screenshots, though only in alpha from over 10 years of development, it looks promising.

Realize the significance of this, not only being open source and another alternate operating system, but what it’s accomplished: This open source operating system could prove to be very resourceful once completed to every *nix & BSD operating system.

ReactOS has achieved what PC/Windows users want: an interface that they’re familiar with. The interface as you can see in screenshots are look & feel of Windows & also function just as easily. Just as important is the compatibility for Windows software, hardware, & applications.

This OS has achieved so much and is exactly what people want. Migrating from Windows to this OS would be a breeze and as programs/software develop for the OS they will still be able to use Windows apps/software in the meantime.

Yet it’s not Windows, not coded nearly as Windows, is fast, secure, and easy to use via function and look even supporting right click. Similar function is a key. People want everything Windows has & more. This can do it. It has massive potential.

More Screenshots:
Screenshots - ReactOS Website

About ReactOS:
About ReactOS - ReactOS Website

Please help me spread the word by posting it on forums and sites etc. A free/open source replacement for Windows OS doesn’t seem too far away now. Show support for me, this, and open source by diggin’ this please.

What do you guys think about it? For only a few developers I’m really impressed.
As stated I’m planning to donate soon. I also want to try it out on a spare PC as it’s in alpha.

I really hope this takes off. It’s already where what everyone wants in an alternative OS when migrating from Windows. =]

It could also prove to be very valuable for further development for look & feel, ease of use, similar functionality of Windows & compatibility as well.

ReactOS is old news, I checked this out years ago. Looks impressive BUT… being patterned so close to M$ I dismissed it for the following reasons:

  1. Uses a Registry that bloats just as bad as M$
  2. Uses native windows dll’s, codecs, and widgets which means there are potentially big risks of copyright infringements.
  3. While it shows improvement over M$ it in essence is trying to be a windows copy.

IMHO the world does not need another Windows system just so people can switch from M$ without having to learn and use a professional system.

Why? If you’re looking for a system “like Windows,” get a legitimate licensed copy. But I can’t imagine why people would want such a system, anyway.

Yeh react is old news, but it is an interesting experiment to me none the less.

For many reasons, including an alternative operating system that’s free, open source technology, better performance/speed, stability, security, Windows software/hardware/application backwards-compatibility, & similar look & feel and functionality to Windows, making migrating to Windows to ReactOS easy & hassle-free, without losing functionality, without having to relearn how to operate/use their PC, and without having to sacrifice software that they use for Windows [while it’s being developed for open source technology/platforms].

ReactOS could be a really important foundation that many other open source software, such as *nix & BSD open source operating systems including openSUSE, could use to provide the about features, backwards-compatibility, and similar functionality/look & feel.

Thus with all of this, it’d make a “why not move from Windows to open source operating systems” an actual solution for regular / less tech-savvy PC users and truly create an alternative for Windows users to easily migrate to an open source operating system, without any sacrifice or having to relearn anything. =]

Remember the old saying: KISS // Keep It Simple Stupid. As simple as Windows = Windows pwnage, but without having to pay, without being closed-source, without horrible outsourced support, & without bad performance, exploits, vulnerabilities, & viruses / unmaintained stability in an OS.

Support open source; support ReactOS - please help spread the word. =] Every OS including Linux platform could really evolve from this technology.

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Every OS including Linux platform could really evolve from this technology.

No thanks. I’d prefer to think M$ could really learn from Linux and the open source software approach.

Eh. I though ReactOS was dead due to IP infringement.
Personally if I didn’t use Linux full time I’d use Haiku.
You can get images that will run under VMware or VirtualBox if
you just want to tinker with it. It has an open development model
as well.