AVM WLan stick & openSuse 11.1

Hi all,

I had installed the original Windows drivers for AVM WLan stick under openSuse 10.3 with ndiswrapper and everything word fine.
After I had updated to openSuse 11.1 the device wlan0 is disappered. ndiswrapper -l yields the following output:

fwlan : driver installed
device (057C:6201) present

iwconfig shows:

lo no wireless extensions.

eth0 no wireless extensions.

It’s not possible to configure ndiswrapper as modulname with YaST2 although it shows wlan0 as configurationname.

Does anyone knows what’s going wrong?

Thanks a lot for your help


Have you rebuilt the ndiswrapper kernel module for your card? You would need to remove the previous driver and rebuild using the windows driver.

Hi David,

of course I have removed the previous driver and rebuild it witch ndiswrapper.
Additionally I have installed a fresh openSuse 11.1 from scratch but I’ve got the same behaviour. Obviously the Windows driver works with openSuse 10.3.
Do you have any other suggests?
Or do you know anyone who had got the AVM Wlan stick to work under 11.1?

A lot of thanks for your answer