avidemux update

Something’s wrong with the Avidemux update on the packman repo.
After doing the update through Yast all references to Avidemux are removed from my computer.
Try reinstalling Avidemux through Yast (which tells me it is already installed) and it still seems to have been removed form my computer.

Went to Packmans website and did the 1-clickinstall and everything seems back to normal.

Opensuse 11

How do report bugs to packman??

I installed it via Smart, but I have not tested it yet. I plan to do so tonight or tomorrow night.

Thats easy. Go to the Packman page, and specifically to the application on which you wish to raise a bug report. In this case, avidemux:
PackMan :: Package details for avidemux

Look under “Other” / “Source Packager”, and in this case click on “Pascal Bleser”. That should open a blank email (in your email program) ready to send, with appropriate email address and subject already filled in. All you have to do is enter the details of your problem.

Please be precise in entering:
a. your openSUSE version;
b. your desktop and desktop version;
c. the exact avidemux version that is causing you the problem;

Good luck.

In this case isn’t a bug.

# rpm -q --changelog avidemux
* mar jul 15 2008 Pascal Bleser <guru@unixtech.be> 2.4.2-0.pm.5
- **split into -gtk and -qt subpackages**
- enabled pulseaudio support (new in 2.4.2)
- added a check for enabled features by grepping the cmake log
- fixed aften support by requiring libaften-devel instead of aften
- fixed MP3 support by requiring libmp3lame-devel instead of lame

Just install avidemux-(qt|gtk).

Indeed!! Definitely NOT a bug.

I just got home, updated my repos in smart, and checked what was available:

stonehenge:/home/oldpcu # smart flag --show new
    avidemux = 2.4.2-0.pm.5@i586
    avidemux-gtk = 2.4.2-0.pm.5@i586
    avidemux-qt = 2.4.2-0.pm.5@i586

So it look like one has a choice.

hmmm . . .
I’ll take another look when I get home tonight - but in Yast2 these separate packages weren’t available.
I wonder if it is something to do with the auto refresh in Yast2 going wrong.

I do remember the separate packages from the packman website being listed though. I clicked on the combined package but watched it install the gtk and qt packages separately.

Playing around with my 10.3 and 11.0 PCs, from what I can see from this:

    avidemux = 2.4.2-0.pm.5@i586
    avidemux-gtk = 2.4.2-0.pm.5@i586
    avidemux-qt = 2.4.2-0.pm.5@i586 

one must do more than install avidemux. One must also install either avidemux-gtk or avidemux-qt (per RedDwarf’s recommenation).

This makes good sense as previously both versions were installed and there was no choice offered.

I wonder if it is possibly a little confusing in yast2 though if you just select avidemux and it does not automagically select at least one of the other packages for you as a dependency.